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AROMAssage Therapy for Dogs and Horses

Are you looking for a safe, natural and organic option to:

  • reduce the need for veterinary visits
  • helping your pet with anxiety and fear
  • reducing pain and inflammation
  • reducing physical and emotional stress
  • reduce toxic build up within their organs and tissues
  • stimulate blood flow and neurological function
  • balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • creating a strong autoimmune system
  • supporting healthy autonomic function
  • help alleviate skin issues, allergies, digestive issues…..and so much more

Then AROMAssage may be a perfect option for you and your four legged pal.

All of us, our animals included, encounter toxins and pollutants from both our internal and external environments that can influence our overall health and well-being.  The negative disruptions cause an imbalance in homeostasis, which is the natural balance of the body systems and health. The disruption causes our body to work at a sub-optimal level.  

AROMAssage addresses four systemic constants that most often impair homeostasis: 

  • Stress and anxiety (emotional distress, fear based anxiety, stress in their environment, etc.)
  • Toxic Insult (environmental, dietary, medical intervention, cleaning chemicals, etc.)
  • Inflammatory Response (occurs when bacteria, trauma, toxins, heat or other issues injure the body's tissues, or due to age) 
  • Autonomic Imbalance (occurs from emotional imbalances, decreased immunity and inflammation) 

Contact Stacey to schedule a house call session for your dog or horse. 

Dogs -    $35.00 plus travel

Horses - $55.00 plus travel