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12 Body Synergies

These essences were created to bring about the connection of mind and body for healing.  Each of the 12 Body Synergy essences is designed to resonate with a particular body system, to help release and heal associated emotional and energetic patterns. 

1.  Digestion Essence (Digestive)

Helps us digest feelings and emotions such as anger, frustration, over sensitivity and resentment.  Use to relieve feelings of heaviness.

2.  Unblock Essence (Intestinal)

Helps us to cleanse and let go of accumulated 'stuff'.  Feelings of impurity, letting go of old memories.

3.  Harmony Essence (Glandular)

Helps us unblock communication and re-establish harmony.  Deals with feelings of mistrust, fear of loss.  To bring joy and harmony.

4.  Calmness Essence (Nervous)

Helps us relax when feeling nervous, tense, and vulnerable.  Helps our senses to function fully.  Clear communication.  To regain a sense of equilibrium.

5.  Breathe Essence (Respiratory)

Helps relieve feelings of sadness, grief, helplessness and abandonment.  To take in fully, filter and let go.

6.  Release Essence (Urinary)

Helps us to release pent up emotions such as feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, guilt and envy.  When feeling 'pissed off'.  To experience relief and joy.

7.  Natural Flow Essence (Circulatory)

Helps us to get unstuck from feelings of possessiveness, selfishness, denial and control.  To allow feelings of fluidity, vital energy and enjoyment.

8.  Resilience Essence (Immune)

Helps us shed feelings of repression, vulnerability, susceptibility and stagnation.  To protect and strengthen our boundaries and energetic field.

9.  Stability Essence (Bones)

Helps us when we experience feelings of being hurt, burdened, fragmented.  To gain a sense of standing on a firm foundation.  To bring light into the core issue.

10.  Strength Essence (Muscles)

Helps us transform feelings of weakness, fear of persecution, tension.  To promote suppleness of mind and spirit and find endurance.

11.  Worthiness Essence (Skin)

Helps us deal with feelings of vulnerability, unworthiness and uncertainty.  For feeling good about yourself, having confidence and assurance.  Inner and outer glow.

12.  Renewal Essence (Reproductive)

Helps us overcome feelings of shame, obsession, lack of desire, repeating old patterns.  Helps resolve concerns about intimacy, allowing pleasure.  For a deeper sense of continuity and eternal life.