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Canadian Forest Tree Essences and Good-Vibe Sprays for Emotional Well-being

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Tree Essences are  in the lineage of the ancient use of plants, for emotional healing (found in Buddhism, Native Indian traditions – developed in the 1920s and 1930s by English physician Edward Bach) created from one of the most natural ancient forces on the planet: TREES!  You may take tree essences to help you through a difficult time, to help you finally release emotions you have been holding onto for years, or to expand inner qualities and feel emotions you want to feel, like joy, peace and playfulness.  Trees are one of the oldest beings on the planet and offer us strength, balance and well-being. 

Tree Essences are: 
  • a natural energy, highly helpful to get the best out of each of us
  • an energetic support for today's transitions and challenges
  • are easy to use without any dilution or preparation on your part
  • able to be taken with other products and medications safely 
  • the energy from trees put into a bottle, created like homeopathic remedies, for daily use
  • a subtle liquid extract usually taken orally by drops, to nurture body/mind/emotional well-being
  • a safe and natural product created to draw out inner strength and to help maintain inner balance and harmony
  • for support, to move us through a difficult time or situation
  • helpful for many of the key energetic and emotional issues that arise in today’s life for people as well as animals
  •  Tree Essences offer a natural option to support health and emotional well-being

How do the Tree Essences Work?
  • They work to bring the light of awareness and positive support to resolving deep-rooted wounds and underlying patterns, which often create undesired thoughts or behaviours.
  • They work via the profound vibration of the trees.
  • Synchronicity and communication are enhanced, allowing blockages, unconscious behaviours and old memories to be released.
  • With essences we resume and restore a healthy, joyful way of being. 
  • They act by nourishing the energy field of a person or animal via their positive resonance.
  • When our essences are used consistently, their action will be profound and long-lasting.

At this time, we can't prove scientifically how they work, but that may come in the future. However, from lengthy experience, the sharing from many people and our own observations, we know that our tree essences are powerful agents of emotional healing and catalysts for transformation of our awareness and approach to challenges in life.

Choose from 5 product lines:

  1.   7 Singles, one tree, one theme. Most popular: Playfulness for lack of light in our life.
  2.   22 Combinations for emotional states and life stages. Most popular: Millenimum Journey for stress.
  3.   12  Body Synergies for body-mind support. Most popular: #1 Digestion to digest emotions. 
  4.   8 Good vibe Sprays, a fusion of tree essences and Oils. Most popular: Aura Cleansing for those around other people at work, in public, etc.
  5.   7 Animal Essences, because animals have emotions too.  Most popular: Animal Rescue for fear and shock.