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Mediation: It's not as scary as you think!

Posted on January 29, 2020 at 2:45 PM

Meditation is a word that can instantly put some people at ease while making others feel like it is something that is unattainable.  Countless times I have heard people say, "I can't meditate", "I tried it and I couldn't do it", or "I don't have time", which I completely understand because that was me when I first tried to meditate.  In the beginning I didn't even understand what I was supposed to be doing, I mean how does one just sit down, shut their mind off and focus on their breathe?  That wasn't happening as my mind had other plans making plans, checking off to-do lists, adding to the to-do list....wait, focus on your breathe.......but you forgot to put gas in the car, and you have to go get groceries, you don't have time to sit here. 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

What I have come to learn over the years is this:  unless you are a Buddhist monk, or a very consistent meditator who meditates silently for hours every day, you are more than likely not going to be able to completely shut your thoughts off.  This takes complete dedication and years of practice, it's like exercising...well, actually it's the complete opposite of exercising but you get my point.  Speaking of exercising though, you wouldn't expect to drop 10 pounds the first time you went to the gym, would you?  No, that would be impossible!  So let's look at the practice of meditation in the same way, it could take you years to achieve completely shutting off your thoughts with silent meditation. 

So now that that's out of the way, let's talk about a much easier form of meditation called guided meditation.  This simply means that you sit or lay down in a quiet space while listening to someone else talk and guide you through the meditation.  Think of it as listening to an e-book or a podcast, you simply focus on what is being said which drastically reduces or even eliminates your monkey mind thoughts.  If you do notice your thoughts drifting to your to-do list, simply catch yourself and bring your awareness back to the words of the guided meditation.  This is a much simpler way to train your brain to stand down and be quiet while you reap the benefits of meditation. 

Speaking of the benefits, there are many!  Meditation has gotten quite a lot of exposure over the last 10 years or so and has even been implemented in classrooms to help improve learning and disruptive behaviours, and prisons to help improve mood, emotions and happiness.  Some of the benefits of meditation include increased peace, calm, joy, love, learning retention, emotional stability, pain reduction, gratitude, and a general sense of well-being.  People who meditate on a regular basis generally live in the present moment more-so than the general public who tend to live in the past or the future.  Imagine living more fully present with reduced stress, anxiety or depression.  Don't you think it's worth giving meditation a chance?  I promise, you can do it!

There are many meditation groups happening all over the world.  I am sure if you wanted to attend one in person you could easily find one via Google or Facebook Events.  I really enjoy going to the group meditations, the energy of being in a room of people who are all focusing on the exact same thing is very powerful energetically, however attending meditations daily would be very time consuming and expensive so I also listen to guided meditations at home.  You can also find these to download to your computer or phone.  Ones that I really love are by Danielle LaPorte, you may want to check them out by clicking here.  

Oh, and one last point......please schedule this into your daily routine......I mean it, do it right now.  Pick up your phone and schedule it in, just like you would any other important appointment because this is very important for your general well-being and is a huge part of your self-care routine.  You will be better equipped to handle life's situations when you are in a calm place.

Peace, joy, love


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