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Posted on April 10, 2014 at 4:05 PM

False Evidence Appearing Real

Our greatest attack comes from our fears.  Fear plays with peoples minds.  The fear of the unknown, abandonment, change, failure, rejection, loss & success.  Fear has the ability to paralyze people from moving forward with their life and stops them from achieving their greatest potential.

How do you know you’re dealing with fear?  You are always looking for excuses not to face an issue, whether that issue is internally, or with another person or situation.  For example, you may choose to stay stuck in your anger or depression because it’s comfortable, you know what to expect in this place, there’s no fear here.  What is actually stopping you from moving forward, is the fear of change, the fear of the unknown.  You don’t know what to expect, so you decide to stay stuck right where you are. Although this may be a comfortable spot for you, it is not a healthy place to be. 

The fear of the unknown strengthens uncertainty, makes you feel trapped, and increases your stress level.  When you have negative fear, fright overcomes desire.  Fear steals the joy you should be enjoying.  It creates patterns and ruts.  It keeps you in a place of always expecting the other shoe to drop, just waiting for the next bad thing to happen.   


Society has played into our fears.  From the media keeping us in fear of outbreaks, to fear of attacks on our country, and from our peers keeping us in fear of success, joy, abundance.  If others can keep you in a state of fear, they have a better chance of controlling you, keeping you in the same place.  They don’t want to see you succeed more than them, they don’t want you to have more than they have.  Society has to go through a transition to bring people back to reality. People have to slow down, to assess their lives, to see what is really going on, life has gotten too fast.  Slow down and take a look at what is really happening in your life, in your own self.  The more people want to keep things the same, the more it drains people.  We must begin to re-design ourselves, to acknowledge and release our fears, to move beyond our fears in order to move forward and discover what we are truly capable of.  This change in our society begins with each of us taking a step forward into the unknown, leaving our fears behind.  This change begins with YOU.

So what can you do to begin banishing your fears?

Admit that fear exists.  Accept it and learn where it comes from.   Mentally prepare yourself every morning for the day…..feel good about it.  Face each day of your life with strength.  Take away the fear of the unknown and instead step into that which you fear.  Re-establish trust in yourself, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Stabilize and understand yourself.  All positive energy flows from self trust.  Always Be Clear!  In clarity we gain calmness, without it our confidence is weakened.  When you are clear and calm, you are in control of your life and can tackle the fear of the unknown and begin reaching for your dream.

Surround yourself with positive people, stay away from the negative – turn them loose.  Work to strengthen yourself and search for rays of hope.  Expect good things to happen.  Look for the positive.  Design your life to have a bounce in your step.  Turn your imagination loose.  Be willing to take risks.  Don’t sit on the park bench waiting for good things to happen while others are passing you by with a smile on their face and a bounce in their step.  Get up and walk beside them!

Reconnect with people and take a look at what’s really important in your life. Focus and prioritize.  Take a look at who you are, what you want, and what it is going to take to achieve it.

Strengthen each other!!  Support each other!!  Be happy for others achievements as well as your own!!  Banish all FEARS!!

Love and Gratitude,



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