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What cracks are in your foundation?

Posted on April 17, 2014 at 9:55 AM

If I were to ask you what you really want, what would your answer be?  So many of us would respond with: more peace, love, happiness, joy, money, abundance, free time, a better job.  On a deeper level, these are some of the things we truly want to have in our lives.  We wonder why we get glimpses of these things, but they seem to crumble, or we can’t access them, they seem unattainable as a whole. 

I’d like you to think about building a two storey house.  Imagine that all of the things that you want are in the attic of this house. When building this house, what is the first thing you need to do?  Do you start by building the attic?  Heck no! You need to build a solid foundation first!  So often we want everything in that attic that we forget that we need to take a look at the foundation.  First you need to choose a piece of land, then you need to clear that land of any trees that may be in the way of your building.  Then you need to dig a big hole so that you can pour the foundation. This is comparable to the work that we need to do within ourselves.  What would happen to the house if there was no foundation, or if there were cracks in it, or if the house was build on a sinkhole?  It would collapse of course!  Such is true for your life.  Everything you want is attainable, but you have to build a solid foundation.  You have to do the inner work, take an honest look at where the cracks may be, where there may be a sinkhole.  It is only when you heal your past hurts and situations that you can start building your house of abundance. 

There is always a solution to your problems, but there will always be problems as long as you accept them or resist them. 

Acceptance leads to laziness.  If you accept your struggles you become complacent, you tell yourself that this is just the way things are, that life is hard, or I’d rather just stay where I am because it could be worse, or that I just don’t have the energy to move on. When you are in this place your money issues may turn in to poverty, your joy and happiness may turn into resentment, you are in a place of stagnation.


Resistance leads to feelings of powerlessness and low self-esteem.  If you believe you are powerless to change your situation, guess what? You ARE!  In this situation, you are in a dead end.  You are in a place self-blaming, self- doubt, guilt and self-hatred.  When you carry a resistance to opening up, you are actually afraid of being vulnerable. In order to move past resistance, to improving your life, to working on your inner piece, to resolving past issues….you must be open to being vulnerable, it's as simple as that.


Any situation can be changed when you let go of acceptance and resistance, the laziness and the powerlessness.  Anything you are, you will reproduce it, it will be reflected back to you, you create your own reality.  You must drop the fear of being vulnerable, allow yourself to be open.  When you drop these patterns and take responsibility for what you want, you will see your life transpire.  You can’t change the world around you until you change what’s going on within you.  Everything you want in your attic will come to you once you take action.  Just a simple decision to change your current situation and to begin working on your foundation, will bring you what you want.   

Love and Gratitude,



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