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Slow down, life isn't a race....

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 4:15 PM

If you are in a place of overwhelm, of feeling behind on your chores, duties, work etc., understand that this is just an illusion.  It is just a thought that has occurred in your mind that is creating stress, anxiety, worry, and a whole lot of other things that you really don’t need to invite into your life right now.

The best and most important thing you can do right now is to stop trying to do stuff.  You need to bring yourself back to a state of peace and stillness when you are feeling out of alignment.  If you keep trying to do more stuff from a place of overwhelm, you are just creating more overwhelm in your mind.  If you are truly in a place of feeling behind, or overwhelmed you simply need to stop and be quiet, whatever that means to you.  It could be meditation, taking a walk with your dog, going to the gym, sitting on the beach, or whatever else you can do to still your mind and take yourself out of the state of ‘doing’ and let yourself just ‘be’.  Bring yourself into the present moment, because when you are in a state of overwhelm, what you are doing is focusing on the past – all of the things you had to do but haven’t been able to yet, or on the future – all of the things you still have to do.

For those of you who say “But I don’t have time for stillness”, you are the ones who need it the most.  You must find the time, even if it’s a five minute break to start, find the time.  We are human beings, and as such, we were not created to be ‘on’ all of the time.  It’s no wonder we are all feeling stressed and overwhelmed when we are always focused on ‘doing’ rather than ‘being.  

Once you have been able to find some peace and once you can believe that all is well, because all will always be well, once you can embrace this truth, only then can you complete your ‘to do’s’ in divine timing, one at a time from a different place of serenity and peace.  One thing you can do is use post it notes, write one thing on each post it note and stick it to a wall.  Now prioritize by order of what needs to be done first, and go do that one thing.  Once you have completed that one task, you can take that note off of the wall and begin on the next one.  Once you’ve cleared your brain, emptied your mind of all of the things you have to do……once you’ve written them all down, you can let go of the overwhelm because most of our overwhelm comes from the thought that we may forget to do some things.


Another thing you can do is to say the opposite of what you’ve been telling yourself.  If you keep saying “I’m so behind, I’m never going to catch up” that will continue to be true for you.  Try telling yourself “I’m moving forward, look at how much I have accomplished, I’m moving forward one step at a time, I’ve gotten caught up on so much already, this is so easy”.  You will begin seeing evidence that this is true for you if you change your thoughts and come at it from a new perspective. If you look behind at all of the things you have accomplished, you will realize that you are actually ahead of where you were before.


Slow down, life isn’t a race.  If you are often in a place of feeling out of alignment, ie: frustration, overwhelm, stress, etc., you are actually causing more of the same, not to mention the fact of the long term effects are damaging your health and well-being.  Take time out to just ‘be’, to clear your mind of the clutter on a daily basis.  You and those around you will be all the better for it.   

Love and Gratitude




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