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Expect the Unexpected

Posted on February 10, 2016 at 11:40 AM

Lately I have been thinking about this word, a word that some people are afraid of, while others welcome with open arms, a word that can instill great fear, or great excitement. This word can immobilize some people, making them curl up in a ball and stay with the status quo, or this word can empower and strengthen some people, causing them to take a leap of faith into the unknown with open arms. This word is CHANGE.

How is it that one little six letter word can make some people hold their hands out in front of them, making a sign of a cross with their fingers, while saying stay away, I am staying right here? In my opinion, it is our fear of the unknown, it is the fear of “what if something bad happens?”, and even our fear of “what if something really good happens?” Some of us are afraid of losing something or someone, or getting hurt, or being pushed beyond our comfort zone. Some of us are afraid that we will actually get everything we want, that we will be successful and prosperous and abundant.

You may be asking why some would be afraid of greatness. It usually is because they may have to let go of some things, or even some people. When we are successful, sometimes we grow and expand to the point that there are people who no longer resonate with us. When you are joyful, happy and moving forward in your life, it is almost inevitable that some people will get left behind, and that’s ok. It’s part of expansion, it’s part of growth, it’s part of life. When you start raising your vibration, you will notice that you start to attract more good things in your life. When you express gratitude for what you have, you will have more to be grateful for.

The truth is, there are some people in all of our lives that do not want us to succeed. They do not want us to grow and expand because that means that they may get left behind, and it makes them feel bad about themselves because they are not moving forward or striving for a better life. You really do need to let these people go……if they are not supporting you, lifting you up and encouraging you……it is time to leave them in your dust. Thank them for the journey you had together and know that you were in each other’s lives for a reason and learn from the lessons they taught you.

Change is inevitable, change happens around us every single day. Nothing is certain, and you really never have control of anything that is going to happen. If you look at your daily life, the things we take for granted, is anything certain? When you jump in your car to drive to work in the morning, are you certain that you will arrive at your destination without any hiccups along the way? Are you certain that when you go to sleep you will wake up the next day feeling vibrant and in good health? Can you control others reactions or responses to something you have said to them? Can you control every little thing that your children are doing? The answer is no. The truth is we are never certain, and we are never in control………isn’t that freeing? Isn’t it great to know that no matter how hard one may try, we really cannot predict or control the outcome of any situation. To me, this is very freeing. I can easily let go of worry, stress and anxiety when I know that no matter what, I have no control.

So why not take a leap of faith with bigger things? Why not trust that when you do, things will fall into place as they will? Why not surrender your fears and worries to the higher powers and trust that you are a child of a loving and caring Universe that only wants the best for you? Why not throw caution to the wind and embrace change with everything you have? Why not expect the unexpected and allow for miracles? Why not strive to live life to the fullest? You are powerful, we are all powerful, do not allow others to take your power away.  Jump off the cliff and take a leap of faith into the abyss.  Have faith and believe in miracles.  Embrace change, because in the end, you really don't have a choice.....what will be, will be my friends.    

Love and Gratitude,



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