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At a Glance Guide to Choosing Essences

Single Essences
Compassion and Patience (Black Spruce)
 Anger, abuse, frustration, shame
 Understanding, clarity, forgiveness
 Creativity and Initiative (Ponderosa Pine)
 Procrastination, indecision, fear
 Daring, courage, initiative, decisiveness
 Even Moods (Rocky Mountain Juniper)
 Moody, overwhelmed, unappreciated
 Equilibrium, nurturing, appreciation
 Gratefulness (Western Hemlock)
 Negativity, bitterness, regrets, loss of faith
 Gratitude, grace, inner peace, beauty
 Letting Go (Pussy Willow)
 Rigid, stuck, listless, clumsy
 Fluidity, softness, pleasure, delight
 Playfulness (Red Alder)
 Serious, boredom, drab, heavy, awkward
 Lightness, humour, playfulness, laughter
 Relaxation (Yellow Birch)
 Agitation, tension, discomfort, restlessness
 Relaxation, at ease, enjoying quietude
Combination Essences
Body Image
Poor self-image, inadequacy, neglect, critical
  Confidence, truthfulness, beauty, healthy being
 Changing Woman
Transitions, menopause, worry, life slipping away
  Calm, ease of transitions, interest & engagement
 Comfort and Reassurance
Abandonment, insecurity, sadness, seriousness
  Nourished, accepted, feeling included, comfort
 Conflict Resolution
Conflicts, animosity, competition, isolation, anger
 Understanding, kindness, cooperation, harmony
 Deep Inner Cleansing
Absorbing negativity, easily influenced, obsessive
 Maintain boundaries, balance, clear inner vision
 Family Relations
  Rivalries, disputes, blame, betrayal, envy, hurt
 Reconnection, opening, healing old wounds
 Forest Secrets
  Disoriented, tired, spacy, unfocused, heavy
 Realign ourselves, grounded, focus, connected
 Fountain of Youth
  Regrets, past attachments, stubborn, fear
 Rejuvenate spirit, vitality, savour life in present
 Guilt and Forgiveness
  Guilt, regret, confusion, fear of disappointing
 Forgiveness, release, clarity, courage, free of guilt
 Healing the Heart
  Grief, sadness, insecurity, unworthy, neediness
 Open up to love, joy, independance, peace
 Joyful Living
  Withdrawn, lonely, inadequacy, apathy
 Connection, being alive, delight, engagement, joy
 Light Essence
  Doubt, impatience, lost, unsettled, disoriented
 Nourished, inner beauty, peace, calm, faith
  Doubts, obstacles, stuck, victimhood, apathy
 Optimism, clarity, joy, courage, openness, manifest
 Masculine Energy
  Confusion, overtaxed, inner turmoil, self-doubt
 Honesty, integrity, dignity, satisfaction, truth
 Millenium Journey
  Anxiety, uncertainty, worry, overwhelmed
 Balance, calm, grounded, focus
 People Rescue
  Intense fear, panic, anxiety, judged, paranoid
 Support, guidance, peace, confidence, faith
 Teen Essence
  Awkwardness, annoyance, negativity, confused
 Secure, positive choices, fitting in, balance, upbeat
 Therapist and Healer
  Susceptibility, loss of boundaries, being invaded
 Protects and clears energy field from others
 Universal Healing
  Vulnerable, fragmented, disharmony, fragility
 Seals breaks in energy field, restore energy
 Woman's Own Vibrational Essence
  Overtaxed, stuck, limited, despair, worry, guilt
 Greater sense of self, restored faith, movement