Your Inner Piece

Where SHIFT Happens!

Combination Tree Essences

Body Image Essence 

Challenge: insecurity and low self-image connected to our appearance, poor eating and lifestyle habits

Resolution: helps to view yourself with honesty, self-appreciation and kindness.  Accepting our imperfections, listening to the true needs of our body as to diet, exercise and lifestyle

Changing Woman - A best friend and helper during menopause!

Challenge: difficulty absorbing change at key moments in life:  i.e.: menopause, children leaving home, loved one dying

Resolution: keeping the bigger picture in mind, going with the flow, removing fog, bringing clarity, wisdom, empowerment and sense of freedom

Comfort and Reassurance

Challenge: fear of abandonment and separation, change that brings feelings of insecurity (new job, school, moving, divorce, loss, etc.), overcoming sadness and rejection

Resolution: brings reassurance, comfort and playfulness, helps us open up to joyful and happy feelings

Conflict Resolution

Challenge: trouble getting along (conflicts and disputes), your ego getting in the way despite your best intentions, disharmony, insistence on asserting oneself as being right, defensiveness

Resolution: stepping back and giving yourself time to reflect rather than react, able to listen to people and see their point of view, letting go of negative attitude, harmony and goodwill

Deep Inner Cleansing

Challenge: feelings of a need to cleanse impurity, side effects of negativity, abuse of power, manipulation or obsessions

Resolution: cleansing emotions, spaciousness and purity, an excellent compliment to physical cleansing regiments

Family Relations

Challenge: tension between friends and family, sibling rivalry, anger, envy, jealousy, old resentments and hurts

Resolution: reconciliation, forgiveness and the healing of wounds, completion of healing with those persons we can no longer be with: i.e.: deceased family members 

Forest Secrets - A traveller's and students best friend!

Challenge: feeling distracted, overcharged by mental activity or overly tired from late nights, overstimulation, difficulty unwinding and falling asleep, effects of shocks: feeling 'not quite oneself', ungrounded or dislocated due to travel, too much sun, injuries, food poisoning, etc. 

Resolution: getting grounded, aligned, centred and focused.  Useful in the evening for insomnia. 

Fountain of Youth

Challenge: resents aging, nostalgic, stubborn and resists new ideas, overly critical, cynicism, fear of losing independence, fear of no longer mattering

Resolution: savour life, able to witness the aging process with grace, wisdom and good humour

Guilt and Forgiveness

Challenge: feelings of guilt, shame and remorse, regrets, difficult forgiving oneself or others

Resolution: able to ask for forgiveness, seeing clearly our faults, release, forgiving oneself and others

Healing the Heart - This beautiful essence envelops your heart in a healing energy!

Challenge: for all pains and wounds of the heart: hurt, heartache, heartbreak, grief, sadness and loss

Resolution: soothing heartache, able to welcome love again, faith, kindness and beauty, a soft balm for the heart

Joyful Living

Challenge: seeing life as a struggle, feeling isolated, unsupported and discouraged, apathy and indifference, low energy

Resolution: full engagement in life and allowing our inner radiance to shine forth, trust and enthusiasm

Light Essence

Challenge: When one feels in the dark or experiences confusion, for when one is searching for peace

Resolution: to open ourself to our own source of love so that its light may shine through and guide our life, to raise consciousness and shine who we truly are


Challenge: feeling stuck or blocked in achieving one's goals, self-sabotage, feel undeserving and limited

Resolution: optimism and spontaneity, inner vision, to be able to perceive and manifest one's truth

Masculine Energy

Challenge: men who experience confusion, uncertainty and stress about their roles as men: as partners, fathers, lovers.  For women feeling indecisive, weak and powerless

Resolution: bringing out the best masculine divine qualities to both men and women such as inner strength, clarity and confidence.  Discovering masculine qualities such as nobility, honour, caring, fairness, compassion, integrity and dignity. 

Millenium Journey

Challenge: stress, worried and concerned about the future, overwhelmed by a hectic pace of life, by sudden changes and uncertainties

Resolution: maintaining poise and perspective in the midst of change, able to remain calm and to listen to one's intuition, decisiveness

People Rescue - Useful in emergency situations, or as often as needed.

Challenge: great fear and panic, bad dreams or feelings of danger

Resolution: brings awareness, presence, calmness, courage and clarity

Sensitivity (Earth Changes)

Challenge: worry about changes happening to the earth and our communities, fears of natural catastrophes

Resolution: feeling secure, ability to remain centred, to adjust to change, to 'weather the storm'


Challenge: fear of not fitting in, feeling unattractive, awkward, unseen and misunderstood, moody, irrational, critical of self and others, easily upset

Resolution: helps a teen ride the waves, remaining upbeat and maintaining balance, able to make positive choices

Therapist and Healer - An empath's best friend!

Challenge: vulnerability, easily affected by crowds and other people's emotions, easily exhausted when surrounded by many people throughout the day

Resolution: keeping clear personal boundaries, maintaining our integrity, a great tool for protection and clearing

Universal Healing

Challenge: chronic, long lasting health imbalances and fatigue

Resolution: gathering our healing resources, restoration, for optimum health, provides a matrix of energy to seal breaks, re-knit and harmonize ones energy field

Woman's Own Vibrational Essence

Challenge: women who feel stretched too far, being taken for granted, despair, grief, discouragement, who 'love too much', difficulty juggling roles and responsibilities

Resolution: regain a better sense of self, restores one's faith, able to manage and keep it all together, enjoy an active life, find one's strength, making the right decisions for yourself