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Tree Essences for Animals....
Because Animals Have Emotions Too!

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Animal Ease Essence
Helps animals to remain grounded, calm, relaxed and at their best. At shows it eases the stressful effects of crowds, noise, and movement, being transported or removed from their normal circumstances. Useful when breeding and giving birth.

Animal Rescue
Helps soothe and calm nervous, stressed or distressed animals; brings back a more balanced state after shocks due to injuries, frights or traumas. Use to reassure animals upset by trips to the vet, moves or other changes.

Animal Restore
Helps heal and restore an animal’s spirit, bringing out its full radiance. Use with timid, easily frightened animals or for those that have been abused, neglected or are in convalescence to restore vitality.

Animal Whisper
A gentle essence to make animals more comfortable when they are fragile or in decline. A palliative care support during the last stages of an animal's life.

Cat Essence
Use this essence on a regular basis for your cat's well being, balance and happiness. To have a playful and yet serene cat, able to adapt to small changes, eating and sleeping well and maintaining an overall good health.

Dog Essence
Helpful on many occasions, especially when your dog seems anxious, fearful, hyper, disobedient or low-spirited. The Dog Essence will help bring out the natural qualities of your dog: loyalty, loving, alert, energetic and playful.

Horse Essence
Use this essence whenever your horse is nervous, temperamental, skittish, fearful, or lacking energy. Other indications for this essence are resistance and uncooperative behavior. Favors your horse's overall well-being resulting in greater contentment, responsiveness, vigor and courage.

I have a horse farm and had rescued a horse that was in bad shape.  I didn't realize how bad until he came to us.  This poor guy was emaciated.  He wouldn't drink, he wouldn't let anyone go near him, he was battered and broken, both in body and spirit.  I contacted Stacey and she recommended we try Animal Rescue and Horse Essences..... and WOW, I truly cannot believe the transformation that happened within one short month.  He began drinking, and drinking a lot!  His demeanour improved greatly and he not only allowed people to go near him, he became very gentle and wants to be touched......all....the....time!  haha  I am so happy that his spirit has been healed and that he can now live out the rest of his days in peace and happiness.  I can't thank you enough.  

 - Theresa D.