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CBD BioCare is a company built upon products enhanced by a little known extract from the Cannabis Sativa plant. But this is not just any extract and if you’re buying from CBD BioCare it’s not just any cannabis.

CBD products are relatively new to the marketplace and therefore it takes a lot of research to understand the differences.  Our full spectrum oil comes from one of the only federally registered medicinal hemp producers and distributors in the United States. As a partner with the Kentucky University system, our supplier is helping to aid in the research and development of CBD discovery.

CBD oils are gaining in popularity because researchers are finding it has many of the same benefits of medicinal marijuana and users do not have to see a doctor, be part of a dispensary or pay hundreds of dollars to become eligible. All they have to do is buy from reputable companies like CBD BioCare. Plus, CBD and all cannabinoids other than THC, cannot cause users to get high. Therefore users can benefit from its healing properties and not experience any of the negative associated with THC.

There are literally thousands of studies, articles and clinical trials being conducted or have been conducted or written in regards to the medicinal benefits of CBD and the other cannabinoids found in cannabis. When all cannabinoids are present it is called full spectrum oil and that is what is believed to be most beneficial as opposed to CBD isolated from the plant and taken alone. Research suggests these cannabinoids could be the remedy for many conditions and this is why we are dedicated to introducing products infused with this amazing extract.

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