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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a complicated name that describes the way we combine our perception, thought and action to get the results we want.     


Events are processed through the mind and nervous system via the five senses: Visual (See), Auditory (Hear), Kinesthetic (Feel), Olfactory (Smell), Gustatory (Taste).  Therefore 'Neuro' refers to the information that comes in through your senses and is stored in your brain and body.


The language and nonverbal communication faculties that are encoded, filed, and made meaningful neurologically.  They include: Pictures, Words, Sounds, Self-talk, Taste, Smell, Feelings.  Therefore “Linguistic” is for the words or thoughts you choose in order to give meaning to what you notice, experience, or want.


Discovering, changing and redesigning communication and goal setting programs and strategies to actualize specific, successful results.  Therefore “programming” is the way you combine what you observe, what you think and what you do to generate results.

How does NLP work?

Our unconscious mind is always listening.  It stores every single thought, emotion, word and experience you have ever had throughout your life.  In fact, it knows more about you and your perception of the world than you do!  Sounds kind of interesting, right?  Stay with me for a minute while I explain further. 


Our unconscious mind's primary directive is to operate and preserve the physical body, in other words it's main focus is to keep us safe and alive.  Since it has stored everything that has ever happened in your life, good or bad, it will continue to act upon situations based on your previous experience(s).  For example: I have a friend who is terrified of birds!  When he was a child he was attacked by a parrot at a friends house.  His unconscious mind stored this information that birds are unsafe and dangerous.  Any time he encounters a bird a seemingly irrational fear arises, his body begins to shake and goes into 'fight or flight' mode to escape the situation.  I've seen it happen and at the time I was shocked that a man in his 50's would be scared of a little bird....that was until I learned about the unconscious mind!    

Your unconscious mind will respond to situations in the present moment based on your past experiences, which can be a good or bad thing.  Have you ever responded to something someone said or did in a way that was deemed irrational or over-the-top by others?  This is because of a past experience, whether you remember it or not, your unconscious does!  

The good news is that NLP is the easiest and fastest way to reprogram your responses to present situations.  NLP works by 'speaking' with the unconscious mind so that it can once and for all free itself from anger, hurt, fear, phobias, limiting beliefs, traumas, PTSD, OCD, depression, health problems, and so much more!   

Through the use of NLP, your unconscious mind is your gateway to freedom!