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What is Karma?

The word Karma translated in Sanskrit means 'action'.  One of the current laws of physics states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Thus, when we have incurred a karmic 'debt' we have activated an imbalance in the system which appears to be required to be rebalanced at some time in the future.  Therefore, your karmic 'debt' from a past life may be reappearing in this life until you have let it go and/or it has been rebalanced.  Karma is also described as a 'self-created destiny', which implies that we had something to do with the creation of our own Karma! 

Can Karma be Reversed?

Of course it can!  Since you created the Karma in the first place, it is completely in your control to let it go!  Let's talk about the people in your life as an example.  For one thing, you have to stop playing old games!  You are tied to people you have strong emotional bonds with; whether they are positive or negative makes no difference, the key is strong emotion.  Someone you love, and someone you do not like, will repeatedly meet you in several lifetimes.  Avoidance or simply walking away from a person whom you are in conflict with will not work.  Unless you truly resolve, forgive and let go, you are guaranteed to meet them again in a future life under similar circumstances.  Think of the people that have hurt you in this life, do you really want to re-live life after life with them?  Our families generally represent the immediate issues that you need to work through in this lifetime, this would be a great place to start resolution.  

Transform your Future with Past Life Regression!

This is the exciting part!  Past Life Regression (PLR) is a journey into your soul's past.  By embarking upon this journey you will get a clear understanding of how your past lives are affecting your life today.  This can give you resolution and understanding on a level that no other type of therapy can.  I believe that our past lives influence almost every aspect of our behaviour in this life.  When something is left unresolved or incomplete, whether by limiting decisions, negative emotional residue or outside circumstances, it is the nature of the psyche, or the unconscious mind, to search for wholeness.  We choose, or resonate towards people, circumstances and situations that mirror qualities to help us in our goal to complete our lessons.  Some examples of things that previous lives influence are: Health, Families and Relationships, Self-worth and Deserving, Money and Career, Phobias and Fears, Abuse and Victimhood, etc. 

In a PLR session we will uncover the general 'life lessons' you are here to learn by using numerology.  You will then be guided into a relaxed state as you prepare to journey into your soul's past.  Your experience will be very personal to you, you are in control of how deeply into the experience you wish to go.        

The Key to Your Future is in Your Past!

The fastest and easiest way to release and rebalance your karmic debt is to first have a Past Life Regression Session, and then follow up with Neuro Linguistic Programming.  These two modalities will create instant, powerful and permanent shifts in your life!