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Single Tree Essences for Specific Emotions & Qualities

Compassion and Patience Essence - Black Spruce 

Challenge:  for impatience, anger, abuse, addictions, aggressive and destructive feelings

Resolution:  compassion, patience and understanding.  Heals relationships with men.

Creativity and Initiative Essence - Ponderosa Pine

Challenge:  tendency to hold back, procrastinate, fluctuate, or doubt our abilities and our creativity

Resolution: taking the initiative, daring to venture, following our truth, decisiveness

Even Moods Essence - Rocky Mountain Juniper

Challenge:  moodiness, tendency to lash out or to be negative, feelings of impurity

Resolution: regaining patience and composure, understanding cycles and moods, celebration of our feminine side

Gratefulness Essence - Western Hemlock 

Challenge: feelings of resentment, bitterness and that life has cheated use, pessimism

Resolution: remembering the gifts of life, contentment and inner peace, gratefulness

Letting Go Essence - Pussy Willow

Challenge: feeling stuck, rigid, difficulty giving and receiving with ease, awkward, denying pleasure

Resolution: flowing, gracefulness, rhythm, sharing and enjoying

Playfulness Essence - Red Alder 

Challenge: feeling 'blah', drab and serious moods, withdrawn

Resolution: helps us move over our serious frame of mind, cheerfulness, laughter, feeling attractive, enjoying life

Relaxation Essence - Yellow Birch

Challenge: can't seem to unwind, high strung, need to be occupied, restless, difficulty sleeping

Resolution: helps in attaining deep relaxation and quietude, more sound and deep sleep