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Why Choose HealthLight?

“The human body is the most brilliant computer that was ever designed. There will never be a computer smarter than the human body. With proper information, the proper encouragement, the body can heal itself. It knows what to do. -- Hanna Kroeger, ND

Due to congestion, blockages, pathogens, injury, scar tissue, inflammation and a host of other issues, the body may not be able to do the work that needs to be done. HealthLight is intended to support the body’s natural process, however we must remember that healing is an individual process, results and length of time will vary with every person. This is dependent on many variables including attitude, personal practices, length of time you have had this condition, severity of condition, personal behaviors, etc. While one person may respond immediately it does not mean that every person will respond as quickly and it may take several sessions before you notice an improvement.

It is quite common that in just one 20 minute session people have reported a reduction in pain, increased mobility, a sense of calm and well-being, relief from stress and anxiety, increased alertness, increase in energy levels, and a host of other things. It is also common that in the days following a session one finds a new ability to sleep when they previously had insomnia, a feeling of peace and an overall sensation of being ‘lighter’. Others report that they felt ‘woken up’ to new inspiration, that something profound had shifted inside of them. Light is the main nutrient of cells, therefore, flooding the cells with this much light makes the cells much more efficient by increasing their ability to get nutrients and remove toxins.

HealthLight systems use pulsed frequencies based on Dr. Nogier’s findings

Dr. Nogier developed a unique pulse test. This test enabled him to determine that all tissues and organs throughout the body are in resonance with specific frequencies. When the body is introduced to these frequencies, it is able to heal at a much faster rate. HealthLight delivers seven pulsed energies into the body for the purpose of healing injured or diseased organs and tissues. These pulsed energies induce healing by exposing damaged tissues to their normal resonance frequency. According to Dr. Nogier, sickness results when cells, molecules or particles of matter are out of their normal resonance or vibratory pattern. By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonance frequencies associated with that tissue, healing often occurs quite rapidly. The importance of Dr. Nogier’s finding that specific body tissues are in resonance with specific frequencies according to their embryologic origin cannot be overemphasized. According to Dr. McGee, “it may one day be recognized as one of the greatest discoveries of medicine.”  

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HealthLight systems help the body to release Nitric Oxide

A healthy body is always releasing Nitric Oxide in small quantities adequate to its proper functioning. Many things are happening in the presence of NO, the miracle molecule of the body.

  • increases circulation (vasodilation)
  • pain relief (NO release produces the same analgesic effect as morphine locally)
  • stimulates angiogenesis (regenerates capillaries, lymph vessels & nerves)
  • stimulates phagocytosis (an important defense mechanism against infection by microorganisms: makes an unfriendly environment for pathogens: bacteria, virus’, fungi, worms & parasites)
  • stimulates osteoblasts/bone issues (fractures, breaks, weakness and cavities all need help with the stimulation of osteoblasts)
  • stimulates collagen production (anti-aging benefits: wrinkles, age spots, skin tone)
  • increases ATP production (a high energy nucleotide which acts as an instant source of energy within the cell)
  • oxygenates blood (with the increased circulation)
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HealthLight systems have the latest high-power diodes

The infrared diodes are the new invisium superflux which can penetrate the body up to eight inches deep, which penetrates bones and cartilage. (Far infrared saunas typically penetrate up to one inch) This is vitally important for penetrating organs and tissues. All settings are pulsed at various Nogier frequencies in the 73-4698 Hz range. The high duty cycles (25 – 100%) are very important for maximizing the benefits of the system.  The HealthLight™ system balances all of these factors to deliver the optimal amount of energy for optimum results.